Dear Crisda Students and Parents,


          We are truly glad to have you and your child/children part of our school. We anticipate a wonderful year filled with meaningful learning experiences. Together we will grow and challenge our minds. Throughout the course of the year we will be communicating with parents in regards to their children’s progress. In addition, students will receive a report card at the end of each nine-week grading period, stating a grade for each subject. There will be a total of four nine-week grading periods. Half way through each grading period students will receive a progress report card. Listed below are instructions explaining some general information which students and parents need to read and discuss.


General Course Requirements:


  • If students are absent more than an acceptable amount of times your child/children will interfere with their scholarship and they will be behind on their work.

  • Participation is essential. In order to meet the participation criteria students must come to class prepared every day, with all the necessary materials.

  • Classroom is what provides the student with the proper practice and exposure necessary to learn new material and succeed in tests. Therefore, it is mandatory that students complete all classwork assignments in order to receive a passing grade.


Grading Criteria:


Grades will be based on test, quizzes, and participation. The final grade for each nine-week period will come from he sum of all these grades. It is MANDATORY that students will need to use notes to study and prepare for tests.




Attendance is CRITICAL! Students need to come to school every day, on time and ready to learn. Quizzes and Tests can be made up when you are absent.



Students MUST be in uniform every day.


Conduct Policy:


The student is expected to follow all school/classroom guidelines and procedures at ALL TIMES.

Classroom Code of Conduct


  • Come to school every day and arrive to class on time

  • Have your supplies ready and organized EVERY DAY

  • Be polite at all times; listen while others are talking and be respectful towards fellow classmates

  • Follow all school rules and directions

  • Pay attention in class activities and complete assignments on time

  • Be truthful and honest

  • Respect teachers and other adults

  • Cooperate with others and ask for help when you need it

  • ALWAYS try to do your BEST




  1. First time of incident = Warning

  2. Second time of incident = A call home

  3. Third time of incident = Parent/Teacher conference


*If a major incident were to occur, the student will be immediately referred to the administration and the student's parent will be contacted.


I look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at (305) 265-1108.

Thank you,

Carmen Melendez


Our Focus is to help every student unlock their Inner Brilliance! 
Christian Education

Noemi Alvarez

2013 - 2017 Student

CRISDA Christian Academy has been my school for 4 years. I came to this school for the first time in summer for summer school. I failed 6th grade science and I attended CRISDA to do it on FLVS, and with all of Mrs. Melendez help I passed with a B. In 7th grade I started passing my science classes with A's and I even got my own science trophy. I suggest you who are looking for a private school for your child I recommend this one.

8:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Michael Haupert

Local Guide

I really like the attention my children receive at Crisda Christian Academy

7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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